Q: What is a konfab?

A: A confab, according to the Oxford dictionary, is an informal private conversation or discussion. konfab is a marketplace that enables people to book influencers that inspire them for meaningful conversations, meetings and discussions, and influencers to fully monetize their time, expertise and insights.

Q: How does the booking process work?

A: Once you’ve selected the location, date, and time of the influencer you’d like to meet, you’ll be prompted to start a discussion about what you’d like to accomplish during the meeting before submitting your request to meet. The influencer receives your request and may message you to clarify any questions he or she may have. Once satisfied, the request is accepted. It’s that easy. Between the request and completion of the meeting both users and influencers have the ability to message through konfab to ask questions and work out meeting details.

Q: What happens at a konfab?

A: This is your opportunity to tap into the most interesting people in the world—use it to accomplish the goals you have in mind. Just make sure that both parties agree to the parameters of the meeting before-hand.

Q: Are all booking requests automatically accepted?

A: No. Influencers always have the option to accept or pass on a request. They’ll have the opportunity to evaluate profiles and reviews to determine if they are the right person to meet your objectives.

Q: When will I be charged for a konfab booking?

A: Payments are processed as soon as a konfab request has been accepted. However, no funds are distributed until after the successful completion of the meeting has been confirmed. If you experience an issue during your meeting and would like to request a refund, you should submit an issue within 24 hours of the meeting end time. If a meeting is cancelled, payment will automatically be credited back to the purchaser’s credit card in accordance to the cancelation policy.

Q: What if I need to cancel a konfab?

A: If a user cancels a konfab more than 7 days before the meeting date, a full payment will be credited back the purchaser. Between 7 days and 48 hours prior to the meeting, 50% of the fee will be credited. Less than 48 hours provides the influencer little opportunity to re-fill that meeting slot, and as a consequence will still receive 100% of konfab payment. Influencers can opt to cancel or reschedule a meeting and the full payment will be refunded to the purchaser.

Q: What if one of us is late to the konfab?

A: If either party is running a little late, they should use the messaging function in their dashboard to let the other know right away. If lateness becomes an issue, we want to know—contact [email protected] and we’ll work with both parties to reach a resolution. Generally speaking, konfab lives by the 15-minute rule. If either party is 15 minutes late without communication, the meeting is officially called off.

Q: Are there rules for a konfab?

A: Please thoroughly read our Terms of Use and konfab Guidelines for a clear understanding of acceptable behavior for communications and meetings.

Q: If I’m an influencer, when do I receive payment for a completed konfab?

A: Funds are transferred to your personal account within the konfab framework 24 hours after the successful completion of a konfab. We disburse those funds to your bank account the first of every month.

Q: What if I encounter any issues with a person, meeting or review?

A: If you feel dissatisfied with your experience or unfairly portrayed in subsequent feedback, please contact [email protected]. We will work with you to address your concerns, and if Terms of Use have been violated or inappropriate content has been published, we will seek to rectify the situation.

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